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Cybersecurity is poised to empower every corner of our digital world. As cybercrime overtakes illegal drugs as the #1 crime in the world, there has never been a more crucial time for our leaders to become fluent in cybersecurity as the driver of sustainable & scalable digital growth. It is our leaders' fiduciary responsibility to become the cybersecure-culture standard-bearers they need to be for their organizations & their families.

Why Is This Offering Unique?

This is the ONLY Course In the Market That:

1. Covers 360° of Your Cybersecurity as an Executive AND Provides You With an Actual Blueprint for What Your Cybersecurity Should Look Like

This course takes a holistic approach to your cybersecurity, considering the entire cyber-profile across your organization, family, and personal life - known as your cyber avatar. It will cover every major component of your cyber avatar's digital security.
Furthermore, this is blueprint is practical and easily implementable. It teaches you how to safeguard every aspect of being an Executive, including the risks, best practices to mitigate them, which tech devices are our gadget winners, and how your improved, more cybersecure behaviors will protect yourself, your family, your Executive Team, and your Board Members.

2. Focuses on the Cybersecurity of Executives - Specifically that of Organizational Leaders, Executives as Private Citizens, and Families of Executives.

Executives face a more drastic, dangerous threat landscape in comparison to the average employee. They hold the Digital Crown Jewels of the company, and as the variety of tools with which hackers can attack you increases, so too does the Executive's risk. Despite this, current cybersecurity measures and overall Executive knowledge of best practices to avoid breaches and attacks hardly improved in the last decade. 

After a security breach, Executives are left frantically scouring the market for a job or position, having to shoulder the burden of an eroded brand and reputation, tremendous financial loss, or even death. It's the Executives themselves, not their CTOs, that are responsible for learning how to establish cybersecure cultures at their organizations AND their families.

3. Analyzes the Cybersecurity of Travel in Critical Detail

Our definition of travel goes deeper than ANY OTHER in the market. Rightly so as the cybersecurity risk of each is immense!
It includes:
  • Travel around the office: Even as you travel from one Wi-Fi access point to another, your travel exposes you to huge risks!
  • Travel around town: In elevators, chauffeured cars, restaurants, and hopping from meeting to meeting.
  • ​Domestic travel in your own country: Facing threats government & private sector turns a blind eye to.
  • ​Travel at airports, in airport lounges, on planes: For each, we consider "threat actors" spying on you - known & unknown.
  • ​International Travel to all countries- both allies and adversaries: Where your cybersecurity risks increase exponentially
  • ​To government buildings: Foreign or domestic each fraught with their own specific risks.
4. Analyzes Executives Cybersecurity through the Lenses of Geopolitics
Regardless of where you are- China, the US, or elsewhere, the geopolitical relationship between the nation you are in and your home country greatly affect your cybersecurity - in some cases that is the driving factor for a cyber attack!

Be it in Russia or America, this course provides you with a truly global lens through which you will learn to be cybersecure- no matter where you are from, where you live, or where you plan to travel.
5. Is For Executives By Executives
The realm of cybersecurity is often too overloaded with technical jargon that diminishes the crux of your best interests - securing your fiduciary and organizational responsibilities as an Executive. This blueprint will teach you how to eliminate risks while still maintaining a proper level of technical undertones, but simplifying necessary content to make sure you make the most of this course.

Having worked with the US Congress, governments around the world, and private sector organizations, we bring the highest levels of technical expertise. At the same time, we take a practitioner’s view of the knowledge and implement easy-to-follow lessons to teach you what you need to know to ensure you, your family, Executive Team, and Board Members are truly cyber secure.

6. Factors into the Cybersecurity of Board Members into YOUR Overall Risk, and Provides Tactical Strategies to Neutralize These Threats!

Board Members being organization outsiders with top-secret access to your organization's sensitive information present the biggest cybersecurity threat. They are rarely even subject to the same cyber security protocol that your average employees or even Executives face. Having been Chairman and CEO himself, Andrzej's firsthand expertise seeing internal cyber espionage allows him to specifically consider Board risks with keen accuracy to neutralize cybersecurity risks.

7. Is Anchored Around Executive-Specific Risk Analysis, NOT Just General Cybersecurity Risks

Each module of this course lays out general and Executive-specific risks and analyzes cyber threat landscapes pertinent to Executives. By paying close attention to what is outlined, you'll understand how to protect yourself from behaviors that may leave you jobless, financially insecure, in legal trouble, or worse.
8. Is Focused on the Tactics and Strategies That a Time-Strapped Executive Needs
This course offers seven critical-information-focused Modules, each less than 30 minutes long. They include the Best Practices of each area of your cybersecurity and Tech Device & Gadget Winners we strongly recommend, protecting your Cyber Avatar with 360° cybersecurity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Be Tech-Savvy to Understand the Material In This Course?
Not at all. This course takes cybersecurity and puts it into plain language. Regardless of your title and experience, this course will explain cybersecurity to you in a way that’s easy to implement!
Do I Require Help Implementing The Solutions Offered In This Course?
For most of the Executive audience, you do not. All you’ll need to know is how to navigate a personal computer, your cloud, and your phone. Much of the content applies to your personal behavior. That said, should you still need assistance, feel free to contact [email protected] with Subject Line: “Executive CB Implementation Remote Help Request” and we will be happy to help explore a personalized solution for you.
Is This Service Compatible And Relevant To Cybersecurity In My Home Country Outside The US?
Yes! We built this course for private and government sector leaders across the globe, thereby allowing us to consider the geopolitics of cybersecurity as well.
How Long Will I Need To Get Through All The Material And Become "Cybersecure?"
The course itself is ~5 hours long. To implement every component of the course, give yourself one morning and one afternoon. If you don’t already have the right devices, give yourself another day to acquire them via online order. Then you will be cybersecure.